Lawn Care Firms in Canada

People with lawns understand how much care they need. Most Canadian homeowners spend a considerable amount of time tending to their lawns, mowing, cutting, planting, and trimming. However, tending in this manner might not be sufficient to get a beautiful lawn. Sometimes, it requires professional help.

Professional lawn care companies in Canada can provide services like removing weeds, controlling pests, and tending to special types of plants in private and business lawns. Some may even undertake decorative work. There are a number of benefits to hiring a professional to make your lawn look good. For example, a specialist can tell you right away if you are doing something wrong when taking care of your lawn. Experts are also needed to control certain pest and weed situations that get out of hand.

As lawn care is quite popular in Canada, there are number of firms offering these services. Here is a list of the best lawn care firms in the country (not in any particular order):

Top Notch Lawn Care

This lawn care firm offers a wide array of services including comprehensive lawn mowing, fertilization, weed control, and trimming of bushes and plants. Services can be booked usually with an email sent 24 hours in advance. The landscaping professionals who come with this company can also offer advice, such as recommending a monthly watering schedule. The firm is located in Etobicoke and Greater Toronto Area so services are currently limited to households in the area. Regular customers can subscribe to convenient, and free, reminders for such things as when to trim a plant. The firm also regularly offers client discounts. The firm also provides a guarantee assurance. If a client is unsatisfied with a service, the company pledges to fix the problem without delay.

Lawn Savers

This award-winning "plant health expert" firm offers a number of services in, and around, Toronto. The company's four main services are lawn care, tree and shrub care, mosquito management, and professional Christmas lightning and decorations. The company's lawn care services are quite extensive. The Lawn Savers system is focused on ensuring plant health and the soil in the lawn has proper nutrients. Pest and weed management is also included. The company also offers comprehensive plans to take care of trees and shrubs in your lawn or garden. Most lawn care companies only offer trimming and perhaps some fertilization. Lawn Savers offer thorough monitoring and diagnosis of plants to ensure health and proper growth throughout the year. The company offers packages with a combination of core services. Interested parties can also request lawn repair services such as de-thatching, overseeding, core aeration, and granular top dressing.

Weed Man Canada

The Canadian outlet of the popular U.S.-based lawn care firm offers a wide array of services for those who want to keep their lawns verdant. Weed Man is Canada's largest professional lawn care company, and thus has a number of branches throughout the country. Go to the company's website and type in your postal code to find out if the service is available in your area. The company's forte is weed control. Weed Man professionals use the latest technology to ensure the health of a lawn by removing weed without causing environmental damage. Other services the company offers include insect control, fertilizing, overseeding, and mechanical core aeration. This is a highly regarded lawn care company in Canada and your lawn will definitely benefit from one of the services on offer.

Home Turf

This is one of the longest existing lawn care companies in Canada, which currently enjoys a sterling reputation. The company provides two different types of programs to take care of your lawn. The complete program on offer includes 6 scheduled visits to maintain your lawn with fertilization, weed control, pest control, overseeding, and core aeration. The deluxe program will allow you to give your lawn season-long fertilization plus weed control with 5 scheduled visits. Home Turf is available in a number of areas in Canada in Alberta and Ontario. Lawns need proper maintenance all year round to remain healthy. Otherwise, you could lose your beautiful lawn to a pest menace or a weed invasion. Most homeowners cannot perform the specialized tasks that lawns require to ensure longevity. Therefore, seriously consider one of the above services to take care of your lawn.